A premiere during BRIK: Down to the Wire

The 3+ dance performance Down to the Wire will premiere during the saturday of BRIK at the Chassé Theatre.

umbilical cord

“I thought of an umbilical cord, how mother and child are connected. I wanted to do something with that.” Tells choreographer Jack Timmermans about the performance. That's where it all started. While working on the idea, form and content came together more and more and the umbilical cord faded into the background. Although? The rope on chairs, tables and lamps connects the dancers to the movements of the objects with which they move through the space. “It's like pulling the string at the fair”, Jack explains.

Down to the Wire plays with the visible and invisible threads that keep us in balance. Timmermans shows objects that slowly sink downwards on the stage because a salt-filled counterweight on the other side of the rope slowly deflates.

Central to Down to the Wire is the question of how closely we are connected to each other, in a life that begins with an umbilical cord and ends wirelessly. How do all those lines run in a world in which we sometimes distance ourselves, but just as often step on each other's toes?

Life throws you around

Guided by custom music made by Stevko Busch, the two dancers move through a small home environment, with a bed, table and chairs and a few lamps.

Those lamps also tell the story of the origin of Down to the Wire, they come from the ceiling of the old gymnasium on the Markendaalseweg. The shape – like a flying saucer – triggered Timmermans. “I had to do something with that. In that sense, it's like archaeology. You suspect something is there, but you don't see what it is until you peel it off or dig it out.”

The dancers

And the two dancers Pilvi Kuronen and Gianmarco Stefanelli, what is their place in the story? How do they relate to each other as husband and wife? The artistic director is clear: "That's up to everyone to interpret freely."

Buy your tickets here for the festive premiere on Saturday the 24th of June at 3 p.m.