Down to the Wire | 3+


A floating chair and a bag of salt

How closely connected are we? How closely connected are we? In a life that starts with an umbilical cord and finishes at the end of the rope, people are mutually connected.!

How to keep track of the different leads in a world where we sometimes take distance but just as often step on each other’s toes? Down to the Wire plays with the visible and invisible threads that keep us in balance.

Two dancers, two chairs, a table and a bed complete the homely world. With a touch of Dutch revue pioneer Louis Davids, who sang in 1935: “You imagine to be pulling the strings, but ah, life hurls you left and right…” ‘Je verbeeldt je dat je aan de touwtjes trekt, maar och, het leven smijt je heen en weer..’

With original music, composed by Stevko Busch.


de Stilte

Jack Timmermans

Choreography assistant
Femke Somerwil

Pilvi Kuronen, Gianmarco Stefanelli

Jack Timmermans, Bert Vogels

Stevko Busch

Alexandra Pershay

Light design
Pink Steenvoorden – Einstein Design

Duur: 45 minuten

Saturday 24th of June at 15:00 hrs in the Chassé Theater

Photo's © Hans Gerritsen