Wiegeling | 6 t/m 18 maanden

Ode to a lullaby

A party for all the senses and for children from 6 to 18 months old.

Frisse Oren pays ode to a lullaby with the Wiegeling.. In a soft and safe environment, a singer, a clarinetist and a ud player start musical meetings with the young spectators and with each other. Players and the public find themselves between the decor of moving and abstract shapes, colourful light sources and elements that make curious sounds.

 A party for all senses in which you can wonderfully sway and doze. 

An Arabic lullaby from the childhood memories of the Syrian Jaber Fayad was the origin of Wiegeling. In Jaber's compositions you can hear the influence of music from all around the world. The notes stimulate the imagination and make you think back with a smile of the places where you probably have never been to. Parent and chilf have their own seat in the decor, but they can also crawl around.

Frisse Oren

Directed by
Anneke Wensink

Theun Mosk

Jaber Fayad (ud), Sterre Konijn (sopraan, duduk),  Rudi van Hest (klarinet).

Duur: 30 minuten

Sunday 25th of June at 9:30 and 11:00 hrs in Theater van de Stilte

Foto’s © Moon Saris